Project: Battery Showdown

Cheapest or dearest? The results may surprise you...

Source code, schematics and downloads

Below, we have released the schematics, PCB gerbers (layout files), source code downloads and gathered data. They are released to the public domain, under the Creative Commons CC-ZERO licence.

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Due to copyright restrictions (BitBox libraries), we currently only supply a "binary blob" for the STM32 firmware. This binary blob is not public domain, it is Copyright © 2012 BitBox Ltd. However, it may be used freely on the analyser board and derivative projects.

Control GUI (Python powered)

Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8: Download Installer
Source code with installer: Download


Page 1: Includes the constant current load control loop and sink MOSFETs, plus the battery voltage and current measurement
Page 2: STM32 module connector plus miscellaneous interfaces

PCB Layout

The project was manufactured on a 2-layer, 1.6mm FR4 PCB with green soldermask and white silkscreen. Electroless nickel immersion gold plating was used for the pads. The board used RoHS materials only, and the final product was RoHS compliant.

Gerber files for PCB manufacturers
PCB previews in TIF format


You can download the complete data sets for further analysis here.

Processor Firmware

Binary blob download only